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Pass-by Noise Testing and Engineering


Pass-by Noise Testing and Engineering

Pass-by noise testing as certification has been a very important test for a while now, as it can keep automotive manufacturers from selling their new models on the market. For years, regulations have been adapted to better reflect the average usage of a vehicle in urban areas. To protect public health, more stringent noise limits are being defined by the European Environment Agency regulations.

An increasing number of automotive OEM’s are currently adopting advanced pass-by noise engineering methodologies to predict vehicle pass-by noise levels early in the development cycle. This approach helps better understand the noise contribution of each sub-system to the overall noise levels.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Develop a compliant vehicle by executing Pass-by noise test correctly and efficiently
  • Follow the existing standards when executing exterior and interior pass-by noise tests
  • Better understand the new NVH standards for hybrid and electric vehicles (including the AVAS systems)
  • Apply advanced engineering methods that combine test and simulation (for instance, ASQ - airborne source quantification)
  • Frontload pass-by noise levels and set targets by components or sub-systems early in the development process