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Thermal analysis of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards

Estimated Watching Time: 24 minutes


Futuristic circuit board

The complexity arising from miniaturization, increasing functionality and tighter integration of electronics systems can necessitate the use of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB), with upwards of 50 layers. This presents greater electrical, thermal and mechanical challenges for designers, especially when the devices are used in mission-critical applications, such as in the medical field, data storage, satellite systems, 5G, high performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

This webinar will demonstrate combined electro-thermal co-simulation to account for self-heating in higher power applications, and thermo-mechanical analysis workflows for such boards using Siemens Simcenter products to improve result accuracy and increase design productivity.

Accelerate electronics design, reduce costly re-spins, ensure field reliability

Key Learnings:

  • The use of a new technique to accurately model the complex copper traces within the printed circuit board without a large computational overhead.
  • How this new technique enables electro-thermal co-simulation, reducing costly design re-spins, ensuring reliability of the board and components and accelerating product design.
  • How the structural analysis of the PCB can be carried out using the calculated thermal map, ensuring mechanical reliability of the product.
  • Assess the mutual impact of Joule heating of the copper traces and the DC voltage drop within the complex PCB.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

John Wilson

Electronics Thermal Application Specialist

John Wilson joined Mentor Graphics Corporation, Mechanical Analysis Division (formerly Flomerics Ltd), that is now part of Siemens Digital Industries Software, in 1999 and has over 20 years of thermal design experience relating to simulation and testing. He has worked on or managed more than 100+ thermal and airflow design consulting projects ranging from component level, PCB, Enclosure and System Level inclusive of a wide range of applications including consumer, communications, industrial and automotive electronics. John developed a practical and comprehensive knowledge of IC package level thermal test and analysis correlation through his work in the Siemens, Fremont, California test facilities. John currently works with product management teams to provide electronics thermal design solutions to leading electronics industry clients globally. Johnr.wilson@siemens.com

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