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Visual collaboration for data-driven maintenance

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Man holding tablet to perform maintenance on manufacturing equipment

In an effort to optimize operating expenditures related to manufacturing processes, companies are forced to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their maintenance activities. Common challenges in the industry, including transparency over the health status of equipment, high service costs, and slow repair times, can drain both resources and profitability.

Join Fabio Urciuoli of Siemens Global Portfolio Development in this webinar, as he addresses these challenges and shows how leveraging data-driven digital technologies to optimize maintenance expenditure can achieve up to a 30% cost reduction.

Increase productivity in manufacturing

Streamlined access to all information required to perform maintenance is a key lever to increasing productivity in manufacturing. Companies can quickly realize value using an industrial IoT solution of visual collaboration for data-driven maintenance. This solution provides numerous capabilities including:

  • Remote monitoring of the health status of every asset
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Digital handling of anomalies and tasks
  • Interactive visual representation of the entire plant
  • Streamlined access to digital instructions
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing

Digital collaboration in manufacturing

Maintenance teams can benefit from digitalization by leveraging industrial IoT insights and digital collaboration in manufacturing to achieve high-efficiency gains. Companies that are open to adopting digital technologies can take advantage of:

  • Increased plant productivity ensuring equipment availability through highly effective maintenance
  • Increased labor productivity in maintenance teams by enhancing collaboration
  • Increased savings in maintenance expenditure by resolving issues quickly

In manufacturing facilities spread throughout different parts of the globe, it is crucial for maintenance teams to have streamlined access to all the different types of information they require to efficiently perform their tasks.

Machine health – Monitoring your assets

A dedicated solution that can be easily integrated/interconnected with already existing software systems can transform and streamline maintenance activities. Build on your unique understanding of your production systems and learn more about the overall machine health of your monitored assets with:

  • Remote condition monitoring: detecting and notifying anomalies automatically
  • Proactive maintenance: addressing issues before they impact process stability
  • Digital collaboration: sharing specific know-how, digital instructions, and enabling remote support

Register for this webinar to learn how you can create applications efficiently to boost the productivity of your maintenance operations.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Fabio Urciuoli

Global Portfolio Development, MindSphere

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