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Strengthen the FMEA methodology to achieve complete risk analysis

Estimated Watching Time: 40 minutes


A quality manager is working on quality planning and FMEA

In the development and manufacturing realm, product or process defects can have costly and serious ramifications including increased warranty costs, impaired product functionality and safety, and an inability to meet required industry standards. In addition, customers need to face the challenges of the digital era by enhancing product and process development procedures with a holistic quality approach that supports faster time to market, while complying with norms and regulations.

The ability to assess the risks associated with a potential product or process failure is essential, and failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) is a powerful tool that enables effective risk assessment to reduce design and process problems. Join our webinar and discover how to strengthen risk management with the help of the FMEA method for effective collaboration and project implementation.

Design and process risk management

A fragmented approach to quality and production risk management can become problematic as quality teams determine how to manage all FMEA topics and related documents during design, process definition and production. As a company introduces a new product, a large quantity of information must be communicated. Efficient use of FMEA within a comprehensive quality solution, native on a PLM collaboration platform, enables manufacturers to avoid defects prior to production, improving functional safety and product reliability.

A comprehensive approach to the FMEA process

Failure mode and effects analysis tools enable advanced, upfront quality planning and risk management to avoid defects prior to production - saving time and money.

This live webinar will explore:

  • Why your company must consider quality management as essential
  • How to improve collaboration and reduced coordination effort through aligned workflows for quality and engineering teams
  • How a native quality solution on a collaborative platform supports manufacturing companies in following the standard methodology in a unique environment

Register for this upcoming webinar to learn more about how your enterprise can achieve risk assessment and quality planning processes using Siemens leading FMEA tool.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Valentina Lupo

Industry Manager – Discrete Manufacturing

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Axel Eicker

Siemens Senior Product Manager –Teamcenter Quality FMEA

Axel has studied production technologies at the university of applied sciences Cologne and quality management at the distance learning institute of the Berlin university of applied sciences. He started his journey inside Siemens as a senior product manager for Teamcenter Quality FMEA. He spent his entire career in quality management roles within the development departments of three different world companies. The moderation of FMEAs and the associated process and method optimizations were the focus all along. In his current role, Axel brings his knowledge to the FMEA solution and his goal is to develop the best FMEA solution available on the market as an integrated part of PLM and quality.

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