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Holistic Engineering: How to Develop Robust E/E Systems


Siemens Xcelerator as a Service

Discover how to create robust Electrical and Electronic (E/E) systems and improve design reuse, data quality, machine reliability and process traceability with holistic engineering. By using digital, holistic product development tools, organizations can harness design complexity into a key competitive advantage, drive enterprise-level productivity and spur E/E architecture innovation, all while improving their product’s lifecycle.

Enhance Collaboration with Holistic Product Development

With holistic engineering tools, engineers obtain an active, collaborative workspace for developing E/E systems. Gain easy access to data and tasks, then utilize this information to update designs across every phase of the product lifecycle. Sync and align customer requirements, product configurations, BOM design and publication information all under one platform, to enhance the development process.

Develop Physical and Electrical Wire Harnesses Synchronously with Holistic Product Design

Learn how to develop physical wire harnesses in parallel with E/E systems using a holistic design approach. By leveraging a holistic, cloud-based platform, mechanical and electrical engineers can reduce the number of design change approvals, ensure greater precision between their disciplines, break down organizational siloes and reduce time-to-market.

Drive Productivity with Holistic, Low-Code Engineering Tools

Design customized, digital applications with holistic engineering tools. By creating low-code applications tailored to each domain’s needs, comprehensive E/E systems can be realized, driving greater procedural efficiency and productivity. Holistic, low-code applications can further sync to existing IT/applications infrastructure, ensuring no files, data or information are lost in the E/E systems development process.

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