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Accelerate quotation costing for cost-effective and carbon-abated products


Accelerate quotation costing for cost-effective and carbon-abated products

Disruptive technological innovations increase the complexity of cost structures and make cost drivers less transparent. Additionally, the high volume of data makes analyzes more complex, impacting the accuracy and processing time for quotation costing. At the same time, more and more transparency and documentation of the CO2 footprint for products are required.

Watch our webinar and learn how our quotation costing solution helps you configure prices for products with several components or complex product bundles.

Discover the power of Predictive Costing

Predict prices for purchased parts/components/assemblies in the early phases of product development by easily integrate nonlinear performance pricing target price formulas into Teamcenter Product Cost Management.

Assess “should cost” and carbon footprint

Determine “should cost” and carbon footprint for parts, components and processes with the bottom-up approach. Manufacturers can make decisions on design and production choices without compromising emissions goals.

Establish cost breakdowns in open-book conversations with customers

Present a clear cost structure and plausible breakdown of the product costs to have a stronger negotiating position in cost negotiations.