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Using Valor Parts Library to Prevent Manufacturing Issues


Using Valor Parts Library to Prevent Manufacturing Issues

The Valor Parts Library (VPL) connects design and manufacturing, putting over 1 billion parts at your fingertips and providing you with a way to perform virtual prototyping so that you can be confident you have the design right before you release it to manufacturing.

The VPL allows you to perform all of your DFM checks on every combination of components in minutes to ensure that all of the qualified parts in your BOM are acceptable for your manufacturing use.

Join one of our Technical Marketing Engineers:

on how you can make use of the Valor Parts Library in your DFM process
flow. This 30-minute webinar will explore practical solutions to
improve your new product time to market and reduce revision spins

  • Virtual solder validation
  • Designing for test and automatic optical inspection
  • Adaptive pin & pad design
  • Component spacing

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