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The challenge of labeling & UDI for medical devices

Estimated Watching Time: 54 minutes


Medical device electronic drug perfusion system in hospital room

In this transformative webinar, industry experts Ryan Bauer and Laura Johnson delve into the complexities and solutions of medical device labeling. They explore the necessity of digital transformation in labeling, discussing all aspects from label definition to authoring, regulatory support and label production. Hear about best practices, real-life examples and innovative strategies to accelerate your labeling development, strengthen compliance and enable intelligent reuse in your organization.

Common challenges in designing labels for medical devices

Designing labels for medical devices presents common challenges, notably the struggle to navigate complex regulatory requirements and update processes tied to legacy labeling systems. Static, one-to-one label-product relationships often necessitate manual, time-consuming modifications before production.

The webinar features ways to streamline the labeling process, ensure accuracy and eliminate data duplication.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Supporting end-to-end labeling solutions
  • Integration and compliance in label management
  • Streamlining label design and automation
  • The importance of integrated master data for UDI compliance
  • How Teamcenter can manage the artwork and labeling development process

Meet the speakers


Ryan Bauer

Solution Director, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Solutions


Laura Johnson

Senior Director of Sales, Life Sciences

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