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Managing mass production flow with scalable CAD/CAM applications

Estimated Watching Time: 33 minutes


Scalable CAD/CAM applications for Prima Power

In this on-demand webinar, Siemens and Prima Power present recent advances in scalable CAD/CAM applications including sheet metal design, assembly environments, and simulation. These features - enabled by the Solid Edge CAD/CAM OEM Software Development Toolkit - are leveraged by Prima Power to optimize productivity and efficiency in multi-machine operations.

Discover what's included in the Solid Edge OEM bundle, why Prima Power chose Siemens as a trusted supplier, and why the Parasolid modeling kernel is central to the success of CAD/CAM OEM applications.

Prima Power: a software ecosystem sharing Siemens’ technology and values

Prima Power has a long history of providing their customers with the best software solutions to optimize the operation of their machines. The ever-updated suite of software products from Prima Power provides a complete set of solutions covering all stages of sheet metal processing, from the connection to customer’s ERP systems, to the finished product and through the collection of production data.

This broad software suite was developed with the support of Siemens and integrates multiple features of the Solid Edge OEM software toolkit. Embedded software capabilities, such as Solid Edge Part, Assembly and Draft environments, and the Solid Edge API, allow the control of the entire production flow as well as monitoring each stage of processing. Prima Power software solutions are all based on a common platform, that benefits from the widely adopted Parasolid modeling kernel The Parasolid modeling engine and file format is openly shared by Siemens to promote data interoperability for the benefit of all design, simulation and manufacturing end-users – a value that Prima Power is keen to support.

Please join us to discover:

  • What is the Solid Edge OEM toolkit and which functionalities are included?
  • How are customers like Prima Power benefiting from the collaboration with Siemens and the integration of Siemens technology into their products?
  • Areas where your own work could benefit from this solution

The discussion will be well suited to the Siemens Digital Industries Software end-user community, as well as CxOs and Product Managers who work for independent software vendors.

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dan Staples

Vice President, R&D Mainstream

Dan Staples is the Vice President of Mainstream Engineering R&D at Siemens Digital Industries Software, with responsibility for the Solid Edge and Femap product lines. Dan has more than 25 years’ experience in the mechanical CAD industry, including key roles at Intergraph, SensAble Technologies, and UGS. Dan was instrumental in defining the original vision for the Solid Edge product line and managing its deployment and evolution. More recently, he has been involved in the creation and evolution of industry-leading Synchronous Technology. Staples holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Prima Power

Jouni Hölsä

Teamlead, CAM Software Developer

Hölsa has been with Prima Power for more than 20 years and can thus look back on a long and distinguished career in sheet metal manufacturing. He's got a background in software development, PhD in production engineering and has been involved in many development projects in manufacturing industry. He has been dealing with MES, CAD and CAM topics in research, product development and in customer projects. Hölsa is the team leader of the NC Express e³ sheet metal CAM software.

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