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Protect your heavy equipment from overheating under harsh operating conditions


Protect your heavy equipment from overheating under harsh operating conditions

Seasonal high temperatures, repetitive tasks, and long working days are multiple root causes that can lead a heavy machine powertrain to overheat. OEM and suppliers need to ensure thermal safety, both at component and machine levels. Further, they need to ensure powertrain efficiency, power availability, and operator’s comfort. Integrated simulations provide a solution to assess the best cooling package design efficiently.

During this webinar, Romain Nicolas – system simulation expert – and Fred Ross - CFD simulation expert, will give you an overview of what could be an ideal cooling package workflow. The use cases will cover the cooling package architecture definition using system simulation. They will extend to the detailed design of a heat exchanger using CFD simulation going through a mixed 1D-3D approach for capturing under-hood air re-circulation.

As an example, we will compare fan push or pull configurations for improving cooling performances while reducing fan usage.

Meet the speakers

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Siemens Digital Industries Software

Romain Nicolas

Business Developer

Romain is responsible for system simulation activities in the heavy equipment sector. He started his career in 2011 as control systems engineer in the Volvo AB Group. There, he developed a platform for control algorithms verification, led several projects as system responsible, and worked as a software developer using Agile methodology. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from ESTACA Paris and an MSc from IFP School.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Frederick Ross

Director, Simcenter solutions for Automotive and Transportation

Frederick started with CD-adapco in 1989, which was acquired in 2016 by Siemens and has extensive experience working with customers on applications such as vehicle heat protection, aerodynamics, and passenger thermal comfort. Frederick has been directly involved development process enabling automation of virtual vehicle simulation all the way from CAD to results. Frederick is currently working with the STAR-CCM+ product management team to help customers streamline their in-house process.

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