On-Demand Webinar

Solving the Complex High-Speed ADC Verification Puzzle


Though we live in a digital age, real-world is still analog. Analog to Digital Convertors (ADCs) are critical pieces of today’s mixed-signal ICs. These circuits address the growing demand to sense the real-world analog data such as voice, touch, vibration, temperature, and pressure and convert that to bit-stream for digital processing. In order to accurately verify these intricate designs at advanced technology nodes, designers need to consider the impact of device noise, post-layout parasitics, device mismatch, and variability. Verification engineers are spending hours simulating for various performance metrics such as SNR, ENOBs, and Resolution. In this webinar, we will cover ADC technology trends that drive verification challenges for data converters. We will then discuss techniques and methodologies to address these challenges. You’ll gain invaluable insight from our customer case studies and will learn about the best practices that will help you save simulation cycles and improve your verification productivity.