Rapid Algorithm to HW: Using HLS for Computer Vision and Deep Learning Seminar

Recently there has been an explosion in advances in the Computer Vision and Deep Learning Market for the application of Image Processing and Recognition. It has applications across multiple industries such as medical, industrial, energy, defense and of course automotive with the drive towards Autonomous Cars. In many cases, these algorithms require a huge amount of parallel compute performance with low-power requirements such that an FPGA or ASIC are the only practical solution. However, the development cycle of RTL is often prohibitive in this market and it does not adapt to rapid change.

In this 5 part recorded seminar, you will get an introduction and technical details to understand how HLS can help project teams rapidly and accurately explore power/performance of their algorithms, quickly get to FPGA implementations to create demonstrator/prototypes and then be able to use the same source to deliver high-performance RTL IP for ASIC implementation. We recommend watching the videos in order.