The growing electrification and automation of vehicles will extensively affect vehicle servicing and maintenance. As automakers integrate more sophisticated electrical and electronic systems, the challenges of vehicle servicing are changing. Electric motors and batteries replace internal combustion engines, requiring special care due to the extremely high voltages at which they operate. Automated vehicle systems demand higher levels of technician training due to their complexity and criticality to the safety of passengers.

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Deliver accurate technical information for rapidly expanding automotive technologies

The added complexity introduced to electrical system architecture by the evolution of electric vehicles (EVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) dramatically impacts a company’s after-sales divisions when creating technical documentation for certification, service, and maintenance. Technical information delivery and accuracy are necessary when safety and traceability are critical to these rapidly expanding technologies.

Register for our webinar to take a deep dive into the trends and, more importantly, the impact of those trends on automotive OEMs and workshop technicians. You will learn how automation in authoring tools helps absorb issues experienced by OEMs and deliver first-in-class technical information for workshops (ICE/EV/HEV).

This webinar is targeted toward:

  • After-sales directors
  • After-sales department heads
  • Tech publications/Service operations/Field support
  • After-sales managers
  • After-sales technical authors

Meet the Speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dave Reeves

Documentation and Diagnostics Senior Product Manager, IES

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