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Efektywne pozyskiwanie danych dotyczących obciążenia na drodze

Szacowany czas: 39 min


Efektywne pozyskiwanie danych dotyczących obciążenia na drodze

Road load data acquisition (RLDA) is an excellent method for measuring precise vehicle response. It considers all types of essential vehicle and driving parameters, such as mass, inertia, air and rolling resistance, road characteristics, internal loads through engine and battery and vehicle speed. These road load data are used to derive a durability target which is further used by analysis and physical test execution teams.

In addition to the essential role of RLDA, considerable time is required during the vehicle development process. This is primarily due to testing engineers needing extra time for tasks such as vehicle instrumentation, sensor parametrization, onsite measurements, and data validation. So, test engineers are constantly looking for ways to further accelerate these typical tasks.

In this webinar, you will see how you can execute RLDA campaigns up to 50% faster thanks to:

  • Faster instrumentation and test preparation
  • Boosted efficiency during measurements
  • Fully validated data as fast as possible
  • Further automating the whole process

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Şafak Has

Testing specialist for Automotive, Transportation and Heavy Equipment

Şafak's previous experience was at Ford Motor Company on vehicle testing of a wide vehicle range from passenger cars to construction trucks. His areas of expertise include data acquisition systems and data analysis in the context of NVH and Durability testing. Şafak holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul Turkey.

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