Series 3 of 3: Common Challenges with the Connected Car and their Solutions

June 10, 2021

Live Webinar


Technology advancements in the Automotive market are nothing new. For years the auto industry has made technical advancements to push the industry forward. The advancements now have reached the point where adding more ECUs will not solve the problems, and a new way to look at hardware and software in the vehicle is needed.

In this three-part webinar series, we will cover the topics of:
  • Software trends for Cockpit Domain Controllers, mixing safe and no-safe domains
  • I need Functional Safety, just not AUTOSAR
  • Common Challenges with the Connected Car and their Solutions

We will cover the trends and challenges in each of the topics. We will also explore solutions for some of the common problems specific to each case.

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Meet the speakers

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Jeff Hancock

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Jeff Hancock is a Senior Product Manager in Siemens Embedded, a segment of Siemens Digital Industries Software. Jeff oversees the Nucleus® RTOS and the embedded Hypervisor runtime product lines, as well as associated middleware, and professional services. Jeff earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Purdue University.