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Plan for Every Part with Low Code

Estimated Watching Time: 43 minutes


Companies with large bill of materials (e.g. > 50,000 items) use Excel as their go-to solution to manage large amounts of data. This introduces all sorts of risks. Excel does not provide the right control, does not support data fidelity and it cannot guarantee proper usage and security. Early in the development process, from start to program approval, a large amount of newly introduced parts, not yet under contract, need to be carefully managed. It’s possible to build and use an app to overcome this challenge.

Applications for bill of materials

This Mendix app – Plan for Every Part – supports this requirement given the diversity in viewing and retrieving the large BoM. In addition, the app’s ability to connect to other systems and support workflow allows us to provide both critical functionality as well as drive valuable outcomes. The Mendix app can be stand alone or integrated with SAP and/or Teamcenter.

Learn about the Plan for Every Part App in this live webinar

This webinar will introduce the low-code applicability across manufacturing organizations and deep dive into Plan for Every Part. You will learn:

  • A hands-on view of the single, easy-to-use Mendix application

  • How it was developed in Mendix

  • How to personalize and adapt the app to your business criteria

  • How the Plan for Every Part app realizes significant savings and real-time insights into a complex BoM program

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Meet the speakers

Mendix, a Siemens Business

Sonja Thomas

Industry Manager

Mendix for Manufacturing Industries

Subba Rao

Director, Market Evangelist