Know your EMI shortfalls before sending your PCB to the lab


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During this exclusive webinar the focus is on two issues that should be checked before sending your design to the Lab for EMI testing. The webinar will look at Signal / Supply discontinuity issue that could be a generator of noise. Will also look at how designs can unintentionally create an antenna either by long return loops and floating metal. Then using the HyperLynx DRC and the Rules that are specific for checking and highlight violations of these potential problems so corrective action can be taken early in the design process.

Meet the speakers

Jim Connor

After 7 years in the Navy Jim earned his BSEE degree. Jim worked as an instructor for different companies. He has worked for GCA, GenRad (board test), ViewLogic (design entry), Altera and finally Mentor Graphics. In his early days as an instructor Jim’s main focus involved Design Entry products with simulation of VHLD/Verilog. He then moved to high speed products such as Motive and XTK. While at Mentor Jim joined the High Speed support group supporting XTK, ICX, HyperLynx and Quiet Expert. As Quiet Expert evolved to become HyperLynx DRC Jim continues to provide support. Jim has developed and taught the initial HyperLynx DRC training class. He has also developed and taught HyperLynx Rule writing. As the primary support engineer for HyperLynx DRC Jim has provided numerous services ranging from quick-start setup of HyperLynx DRC to assisting customers learning how to write their own rules. His focus currently is writing rule which he has done for the past 2 years.


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