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Bring value to your ADAS and autonomous driving data

Reliably record and make sense of automated driving data

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An autonomous vehicle using an in-vehicle high-speed recorder to capture actual, uncompressed automated driving sensor data.

To accelerate the development of multi-sensor autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicle (AV) manufacturers embrace smart recording as part of a closed-loop development process. Capturing, storing, anonymizing, analyzing, and replaying terabytes of raw sensor and in-vehicle electronic control unit (ECU) data is crucial in ensuring safe, comfortable, and efficient vehicle operation. In this webinar, Siemens addresses the practical and technical challenges of managing and recording massive amounts of ADAS/AV data with Simcenter SCAPTOR. Watch now!

Leverage smart recording to increase efficiency and reduce human errors

Automotive manufacturers worldwide are developing and validating ADAS and AV systems to secure a competitive edge. However, development challenges include access to the necessary data for validation, internal personnel disconnect, and effective synchronization. Simcenter provides a practical solution for turning a large amount of data into data that is useful to leverage for an efficient process in four key steps:

  1. Smart recording of the data
  2. Ingest the raw data onto a server or onto the cloud, avoiding errors with too much human handling
  3. Make raw data efficiently digestible
  4. Make it enriched to use it in the verification and validation processes

Manage massive amounts of ADAS/AV data from multiple data streams

Our smart recording solution captures actual, uncompressed ADAS/AV sensor data via an in-vehicle high-speed recorder. It also provides the software to help access, search, and analyze appropriate data for any scenario. A few ways smart recording helps to reduce the amount of data or find interesting data more quickly is by performing triggering recordings and set markings. And through state-of-the-art anonymization, which still retains facial expressions, businesses can ensure the data respects legislative and privacy constraints such as GDPR.

Use Simcenter SCAPTOR for flexible and high precision data recording

Vibrationally very strong, SCAPTOR is one of the most robust and compact recorders today, with extensive in-car processing power (up to four GPUs). It is completely designed for in-vehicle usage with a direct connection to the vehicle batteries and an option for an uninterrupted power supply. This makes continuous recording possible, which can start automatically or have smart triggers determining when to start and stop with fully programable triggering.

Conosci il presentatore

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Robin Neujens

Technical Product Manager

Robin Neujens is responsible for the Simcenter SCAPTOR solutions for ADAS/AV data recording and data management. After graduating from KU Leuven (Group T) with a master’s degree in Applied Mechanical Engineering, he started at Siemens in Leuven, focusing on data recording and processing for vehicle development throughout his entire career. Prior to his current role, he provided technical support for several key accounts in NVH testing. Today, he makes sure the SCAPTOR product development aligns with the industry’s needs and expectations of tomorrow.

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