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Asset performance excellence for smart energy and utilities

Digital toolkit for asset performance

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<p>One of the most important decisions for asset-intensive enterprises is how to manage and care for assets. In part one of a Smart Energy & Utilities webinar series, <a href="https://www.engusa.com/en/" target=”_blank”>Engineering USA</a> and Siemens will present seven digital tools that fuel energy asset performance excellence. Register for the webinar to discover how digitalizing energy asset management improves operations and business output.</p><h2>Asset performance management for energy industry</h2>

<p>To increase their return on assets (ROA), energy companies use digital solutions for asset performance management (APM). APM solutions enhance enterprise asset management (EAM) by delivering asset performance information and insights at the point of action. This information helps minimize unplanned repairs, reduce equipment failure, increase asset availability and extend asset life.</p>

<p>To help energy businesses improve results, Engineering USA and Siemens are introducing our unique portfolio of Smart 7-Apps for Asset Performance Management. The applications use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning extensions to monitor key performance indicators, collect and analyze asset data and enable prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analytics. In the 1-hour webinar, Engineering USA and Siemens will present the digital tools for asset performance excellence!</p><h2>Smart maintenance for energy assets</h2><p>Smart applications for asset performance enable: <ul><li>Reactive maintenance</li><li>Early warnings (machine learning)</li><li>Root cause analysis</li><li>Condition-based maintenance </li></ul>

<p>Register for the webinar to learn how smart maintenance for energy assets can be performed digitally to save time, cost and resources.</p><h2>Energy and utilities smart plant management</h2><p>Continuously monitor the health of energy and utilities plants using smart plant management. This solution offers digital twin technology paired with simulation modeling software and behavior analysis. Join the webinar for a demonstration on taking factory planning and maintenance to the digital future. The webinar will conclude with a panel discussion with energy industry experts. </p>


Engineering USA

Fabio Sala

VP of Industries eXcellence USA

Fabio is an experienced Industry 4.0 thought leader with a native addiction to identifying, evaluating and designing digital transformation roadmaps and solutions. Fabio has been working in the manufacturing technology space for over 25 years, managing and delivering IT products, projects, programs and teams to market leaders in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Piece-Part Manufacturing, Heavy Machinery and Consumer Goods sectors. His areas of focus include Business Process Analysis, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality Management, Internet of Things (IoT), Simulation, Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Manufacturing. After almost 20 years with Siemens, the last 10 spent as Director of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Delivery Services, Fabio joined the Engineering USA team as Vice President of Industries eXcellence USA, leading both operations and business development in North America. In this role, he plays an essential role in the definition and execution of the Industries eXcellence Global division’s strategy for the Engineering Group. Originally from Italy, Fabio lives in Boston with his family.

Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

John Lusty

Global Industry Marketing Lead, Energy & Utilities

John è il Energy & Utilities Industry Marketing Lead di Siemens DISW.

Siemens Digital Industries Software (DISW)

John Nixon

Senior Director, Energy & Utilities

John è Global Strategy Lead per il settore Energy & Utilities di Siemens DISW.

John lavora nel settore dell'energia e dei servizi di pubblica utilità da oltre 28 anni. Ha creato diverse startup nel settore energetico e tecnologico, guidando lo sviluppo del business in Cina, Romania, Panama e Stati Uniti. John è stato anche a capo di grandi progetti greenfield e brownfield con le principali compagnie del settore petrolifero e minerario in Canada e in Cina, e ha guidato programmi di integrità degli impianti di oleodotti negli Stati Uniti e in Messico. John è inoltre titolare di brevetti per la tecnologia di rivestimento dei tubi ed è stato membro del consiglio di amministrazione di diverse aziende tecnologiche e associazioni universitarie di ricerca e sviluppo. È stato ufficiale dell'esercito americano e ha conseguito una laurea in ingegneria civile presso la Texas A&M University.

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