HLS for Vision and Deep Learning Hardware Accelerators

Deep learning applications are exploding, especially those that use images for computer vision. We see these applications in everything from self-driving cars to significant advances in healthcare. However, AI-infused applications that need to be deployed at the edge as inference solutions, are challenged by the power and performance needed to execute them. Leading companies like NVIDIA, Google, Bosch, Qualcomm, and many others have turned to High-Level Synthesis (HLS) to address this. Using HLS in their design and verification flow enables them to go from idea to silicon, with PPA (power, performance and area) that is equivalent to hand-coded RTL, but in a fraction of the time.

This 8 part technical webinar series is designed for those that know very little about HLS and those familiar with its concepts, but want real examples applying it to computer vision and deep learning implementation. We recommend watching the videos in order for a full understanding.