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Adopt a model-based development strategy to boost battery performance


Adopt a model-based development strategy to boost battery performance

The media and governments alike are pushing for 'electrification,' pressuring industry players to respond to stay in the game. Moreover, battery cell design and performance are key in electrical device development. Power, energy density, safety, aging, cost -- each cell design choice might impact your position in a dynamic market.

This presentation will demonstrate benefits of the integration of a model-based development strategy, meaning the use of simulation from electrode component to the system level, and how this simulation capability supports engineers defining cell / battery requirements, making correct hardware and software design decisions, front-load possible component integration issue, and predict system final performances.

Philippe Desprez from Saft company will dive into cell modelling capability by demonstrating the use of Simcenter Battery Design Studio to virtually predict a cell performance and validate your technology choice.

Talking points will include:

• Simcenter portfolio simulation capabilities dedicated to battery design
• Cell modelling, design optimization and technology impact on system performance
• Multi-physics system interaction modelling: electro-chemistry, thermal management, control, etc.

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Philippe Desprez

Solid-State Program Simulation Expert

Dr. Philippe Desprez holds key competence in Battery Management and electrochemistry within model-based discipline at Saft. Since joining in 1997, he has contributed to evolving the use of CAE in Saft solutions into a highly valuable tool applied from cell design to battery design and management. This has enabled development of large Li-ion cell and battery portfolio, covering industrial applications such as grid and mobility. Dr. Philippe holds a Dr. Eng. In Process Engineering from Nancy Institute in Chemical Engineering.