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Unlock the secrets to NX PDM and improve engineering productivity by 25 percent


Unlock the secrets to NX PDM and improve engineering productivity by 25 percent

If you're wasting a lot of time searching, organizing, and sharing NX design files, it's cutting into your engineering productivity ... and your time and talent is better spent on product design!

Teamcenter Rapid Start product data management (PDM) software is the secret to streamlined product development. Whether you use NX, or any other mechanical or electronics design tool, you can deploy our PDM software quickly and cost-effectively. It's easy to use, and easy to manage, with minimal IT resource and investment. You can bring together the design data of diverse applications and locations into a single, secure system that makes it easy for everyone in your business to find and re-use data. You can use Teamcenter inside NX ... or from any web browser.

Attend this webinar to take a look at PDM that's easy to use and easy to share with both CAD and non-CAD users. Find out how you can bring together mechanical and electronics designs, so you can get whole product visibility across engineering and manufacturing. Instead of wasting valuable time searching for data, you can instead focus on design re-use and optimization to lower costs and deliver greater product innovation.

Best of all, it's PDM that can grow as your business grows. If you need more advanced product lifecycle management (PLM) to bring in more people and processes across your business, you can extend Teamcenter Rapid Start to get greater returns on your investment.