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CAD in the cloud with Microsoft’s Azure cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud solution leverages complexity as a competitive advantage

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Benefits of CAD in Cloud with Microsoft Azure & AMD | NX CAD webinar

Complexity is more than just inconvenience. It manifests itself in longer lead times and higher costs of inventory, quality control and rework. These are real costs that can detract from innovation.

This webinar will explain how companies can adopt a Microsoft Azure cloud solution to help them focus more on innovation and leverage complexity as a competitive advantage.

The Microsoft Azure cloud with AMD hardware underpinning provides the largest geographical footprint of any cloud provider operating on all continents. The Azure infrastructure gives you the most reliable performance while securely managing CAD file access.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

NX CAD on the cloud modernizes how you design, bringing all your team members and stakeholders together to collaborate in real time. Whether you are a work-from-home designer and engineer or a multi-location stakeholder, NX CAD online makes it easy to access data, and ensures it stays centralized and secure.NX CAD online never leaves your company’s cloud environment. This keeps your intellectual property (IP) secure and ensures all stakeholders work on a common, secure platform

Benefits of NX Cloud

  • Speed time-to-market from any device
  • Remove IT overhead when developing solutions for product development
  • Increase flexibility for a distributed team
  • Protect your data from disaster within an encrypted cloud environment
  • Accelerated product cycles

Digital engineering

Digital engineering is a process that utilizes advanced CAD technologies in NX to design, simulate, and analyze products and systems. Digital engineering enables engineers to utilize NX to create 3D models of products and test their performance in virtual environments.

One of the significant benefits of NX CAD on cloud is that it allows engineers to identify design flaws and make necessary changes before the physical prototyping stage. This not only saves time and money but also improves the overall quality of the final product. Digital engineering and NX CAD online enables collaboration between different teams, such as designers, engineers, and manufacturers, ensuring a seamless transition from design to production.

NX CAD on the cloud is an essential digital engineering tool for modern product design and development. By utilizing CAD and other advanced technologies, engineers can design, simulate, and analyze products more efficiently and accurately, resulting in higher quality products that are more sustainable and cost-effective.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a technology that enables users to access a desktop operating system from anywhere on any device. Microsoft VDI is a form of desktop virtualization, which means that the desktop environment runs remotely on a server rather than on the user’s local device. This allows users to access their desktop environment from anywhere with an internet connection and a compatible device.

Benefits of Microsoft VDI for NX CAD include:

  • Remote access for users from any device or location
  • Cost savings since processing is done on the server
  • Increased scalability

What you will learn by joining this NX CAD webinar

Join the webinar to learn more

  • The business value selecting a Microsoft Azure with cloud solution for complex product design and manufacturing
  • How AMD CPU and GPU performance capabilities can exceed existing desktop workstations
  • The competitive advantage a Siemens open, comprehensive, personalized, and flexible digital twin can provide

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