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Verification and validation of autonomous vehicles

Find the right balance between safety, comfort, and efficiency for AVs

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Image showing an example of autonomous vehicles using multiple systems to capture, analyze and diagnose data.

Several challenges have arisen as the automotive industry introduces autonomous vehicles (AVs). In addition to the technological capabilities, a key challenge is meeting the requirements and constraints of the developing legal framework by governments and regulatory agencies. At the same time, AV manufacturers need to find the right balance between safety, comfort, and efficiency. This webinar addresses the various solutions available today to address the pain points experienced.

Reduce design and validation costs with Siemens software solutions

Automotive manufacturers are pushing hard towards improving safety today by including the latest functionalities of advanced driver assistance systems in their vehicles. With humans remaining in control, technology plays a supporting role in becoming a better driver. The various onboard sensor systems collect valuable data in this status, helping develop and deploy completely automated vehicles.

Create unpredictable unsafe scenarios in autonomous vehicle development

Virtual world testing, the Digital Twin, will contribute to testing; it also comes with its own set of regulations. Without verifying that the Digital Twin is a reliable copy of the real world, there is no way to determine whether the results can be viewed as trustworthy. ISO26262 certification of the simulation tool is only a first step in this regard, as certification of the tool does not mean that sufficient and appropriate scenarios are being tested.

Develop safe and comfortable autonomous vehicles systems

Siemens’ software solutions address the different phases of the product lifecycle to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicle technology with the world's most comprehensive automotive and transportation software portfolio. This integrated tool suite with the associated services can:

  • Capture data: autonomous vehicle development is a data-driven process where massive amounts of data are used for machine learning and statistical analysis.
  • Analyze and diagnose: the collected data is analyzed to extract the relevant content, allowing it to be prepared and serve as the basis for the data-driven design and performance evaluation.
  • Design and explore: the data captured is used for design exploration and generative design optimization.
  • Verification and validation: proving the autonomous vehicle is safe and comfortable enough to be deployed in the real world with passengers onboard.

Conoce a los ponentes

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Gwen van Vugt

Sr. Director Autonomous Vehicles

Gwen Van Vugt leads the Autonomous Vehicle business segment within Siemens Digital Industries Software - Simulation and Test Solutions. His team of researchers, engineers, testers, software developers, and business developers serve the automotive industry with software and hardware products, knowledge, and experience to design and validate ADAS and AV systems for optimal safety and comfort.

He started his career at Philips Electronics and fulfilled several engineering, product management, and sales positions. In 2008 he joined HERE Technologies to initiate the HERE Traffic business in Europe and grew it to >40 countries in EMEA. In 2014 he joined TASS International to lead the Mobility Center and grow the business of physical and virtual validation services for Cooperative and Automated Driving solutions. In 2017 he joined Siemens through the acquisition of TASS International. He took responsibility for the business line that serves the Automotive Industry with a complete tool chain that covers the entire product life cycle of AV development, validation, and deployment.

He holds two master's degrees: one in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and one in General Management from Business University Nyenrode.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Robbert Lohmann

Business Development Director AV

Robbert Lohmann, MSc is Business Develop Director for the Segment ADAS/AV, supporting the market approach and project engagements. He has been in the automated transit industry since 1999, introducing autonomous vehicles to ports, theme parks, and public transit. At 2getthere, he was responsible for, among others, the introduction of autonomous shuttles at Masdar City (Abu Dhabi), Business Park Rivium (the Netherlands), and Brussels Airport (Belgium). Robbert graduated with a master’s degree from Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.

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