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State of the art Bill of Materials Management (BOM) integration easily manages the complexity in industrial machine product configurations


Due to consumers increasing demand for customization, machine builders have to deliver machinery with increasingly higher levels of complexity, which also now needs to be more flexible and adaptable. To thrive in such a complex and dynamic environment, you need an Integrated Bill of Materials (BOM) Management approach to connectivity and transparency between all the teams contributing to the manufacturing process.

In this webinar, learn how a multi-view BOM approach optimizes the product performance

The ability to thrive in such a complex and dynamic environment is only possible with a multi-view BOM approach to help you consistently measure your ongoing success, including. Join us for this webinar where we will be discussing how The Advanced Machine Engineering solution leverages a multi-view BOM approach to help machine builders achieve the following benefits:

  • An efficient configuration management system
  • Connected multi-disciplinary design to the most comprehensive digital twin
  • Virtual commissioning to simulate, test and tweak every detail of your machine

Ensure compliance, improve quality and accelerate development with multi-view BOM

Keeping track of the amount of information that comes with today’s machinery is a big challenge. Information needs to be configured in a way that allows you to deliver the smart and connected machines your customers ask for. The Advanced Machine Engineering solution is a digital thread approach to engineering that prepares you for the future of machine design by leveraging a multi-view BOM approach.

Learn why multi-view BOM is the solution for staying competitive in the Industrial Machinery Industry

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Advanced Machine Engineering solution and how a virtual multi-view BOM approach can provide early product validation and verification and improve all areas of machine design and manufacturing.