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Resolver los desafíos de la fabricación de vehículos eléctricos con un gemelo digital

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Resolver los desafíos de la fabricación de vehículos eléctricos con un gemelo digital


Los OEM de automoción, proveedores y startups de fabricación de vehículos eléctricos deben encontrar maneras de fabricar rápidamente baterías y vehículos eléctricos a escala, con menos riesgo y errores.

Vea este webinar para ver cómo EDAG y sus socios, Baomarc y Cloos, utilizan las soluciones de Siemens y el gemelo digital para adoptar un enfoque diferente pero necesario con el fin de resolver los desafíos de fabricación de vehículos eléctricos para ellos mismos y sus clientes.

Obtendrá más información sobre cómo EDAG utiliza las soluciones de Siemens para:

  • la reducción del peso de los vehículos con motopropulsores eléctricos
  • fabricación de baterías y conjuntos
  • planificación y producción de plataformas de vehículos eléctricos
Christian Teppich, Body Engineering Project Leader, EDAG Engineering
Timur Ucan, Business Development, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Reduce risks and optimize advancements in EV manufacturing with integrated software solutions

Beyond the obvious changes required to design an electric vehicle, manufacturers are trying to anticipate the necessary changes in manufacturing to support the efficient and cost-effective production of these complex vehicles. As manufacturers shift towards native EV platforms, we expect the assembly processes to shift towards a more modular build environment with an increased number of purchased components. This will inevitably drive changes within manufacturing and assembly methodologies, processes, and tools to evolve to support modular build scenarios that rapidly adapt to changing market conditions. In today's global market, the reuse of knowledge gained during production using integrated solutions will be imperative to support ramp-up in other productions facilities.

Leveraging the digital twin to attain highly efficient production and product advancements

The digital twin is a virtual model of a product or production assets as they evolve through their lifecycle and are used to predict behavior, optimize performance, and apply lessons learned from previous design and production experiences. Using the digital twin as a verification and validation (V&V) tool is essential for today's complex electric vehicles and EV production systems. The performance digital twin captures physical asset performance data from products and plants in operation. Data from smart connected products in the field and factory equipment would be aggregated, analyzed, and transformed into actionable information to create a completely closed-loop decision environment for continuous optimization.

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover how Siemens' holistic approach enables EV manufacturers to achieve the best result possible with continuous improvement.

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Siemens Digital Industries Software

Todd Bengtsson

Director Automotive Manufacturing Engineering Solutions

Todd Bengtsson joined Siemens Digital Industries Software after working for 18 years in the automotive industry. Since joining in 2000, Bengtsson has focused on developing and implementing best practices and solutions for manufacturing companies.

From 2001 to 2005, he served as the GM Manufacturing Global Solution Architect and, while in this role, earned the CIO Award for the Global deployment of Tecnomatix Process Planner for Manufacturing. He continues to support manufacturing OEMs and suppliers as they evaluate and implement solutions from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

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