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Agilice la certificación de la aeronave con la gestión de verificación


Agilice la certificación de la aeronave con la gestión de verificación

A significant trend in the Aerospace industry is the growth in program complexity with numerous technical requirements, integrated systems, and the increasing electrification and automation of products. Additionally, different airworthiness standards apply to the various categories of aviation products, increasing the difficulty to show compliance and achieve certification.

There is a tremendous need for an integrated closed-loop solution that will span the complete aircraft development process and involve every part of the organization through the entire product life cycle, streamlining the aircraft verification and certification process.

Break down barriers to the aircraft certification process

The Aerospace industry faces numerous challenges with the certification process

  • Product and certification requirements are numerous and continuously evolving.
  • Processes are often manual and prone to error in scenarios such as the transfer of data between systems and when incorporating product changes into a test.
  • The certification process itself is rigorous and requires a robust solution to manage the complexity.

Efficiently manage aircraft certification with Verification Management

Siemens has the tools to bring your designs to life in the digital world so that you're able to test and verify the aircraft before production begins. Using a digital twin that includes not only 3D CAD but the simulation models, analysis models, product requirements, system safety analysis, and more enables you to virtually review and consider all of the information necessary to define what you are designing. Siemens Verification Management solution software connects data from the requirements stage to the design, analysis, and test results.

Achieve aviation program execution excellence

Siemens software solutions help you achieve program execution excellence with the following:

  • Improve program costs and technical and schedule performance through the use of a digital twin and the digital threads that connect it
  • Gain competitive advantage with the speed of configurable out-of-the-box solutions
  • Share product knowledge within a closed-loop solution for increased product performance going forward
  • Incorporate all the needed certification activities within the overall program plan
  • Create traceability between the regulatory requirements, the means of compliance, test/analysis/simulation execution, results, and reports
  • Manage the required steps to obtain a type, production, and airworthiness certification
  • Ensure IP protection and data security throughout the process
  • Generate reports that are easily shared with authorities

In this webinar, you'll learn how to break down barriers preventing you from streamlining the certification process and how to achieve program execution excellence.

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