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eXpert center series: Xcelerator for energy and process


eXpert center series: Xcelerator for energy and process

Continuously design, build and optimize throughout the production lifecycle. Connect your portfolio of stand-alone engineering domains to unlock a powerful industrial network.

Siemens Xcelerator brings together and integrates embedded tools and databases in order to connect current and future informational, operational, and engineering technology environments.

Cloud and its operational benefits

Customized cloud integration strategies and microservices offer specific and adaptable transformations to the cloud based on the unique time-frames and methods our customers choose.

Operational benefits of the cloud include reducing time-to-market and connecting globally distributed, cross-disciplinary teams—while improving efficiency at any scale. Digitalization in cloud computing helps drive business with speed and agility while maintaining quality standards. The innovative, closed-loop digital twin technology makes assets and processes better.

Key takeaways:

  • Comprehensive digital twin
  • Personalized adaptable/modern applications
  • Flexible open ecosystem

Foundation for digital enterprise

How do we manage the complex data created by digital systems while keeping it secure and accessible to the entire enterprise? Blurring the boundaries of electrical, mechanical engineering, operations, and manufacturing domains is a great place to start. The differentiators in this industry will be those that embrace complexity and use it as a competitive advantage. Embrace complex data by taking it head-on throughout the product lifecycle with Siemens Xcelerator for the energy and process industry.