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PADS Professional RF-centric PCB design capabilities: 5G & RF design

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5G is designed for devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables and presents some key challenges for RF design.

The future relies on 5G

The Foundation for Ultra-fast download speeds, reliable, low latency connections, and connectivity to billions of IoT devices coming online over the next years, relies greatly on 5G. Designed for devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables, 5G will need to operate in a new spectrum with new enabling technologies with scalable numerology, flexible waveforms, and new spectrum.

Challenges for 5G and RF design

Some key challenges for 5G and RF design are scalable numerology, higher frequency, and wider bandwidths, MIMO, multiple input, multiple outputs, and OTA testing. Companies that master these 5G inter-complexities in RF PCB design will accelerate their design cycles, deployment, and time to market.  

 Watch this webinar to discover how PADS professional RF-centric PCB design capabilities can get you a competitive advantage in designing products with RF. 

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Meet the speaker

Siemens EDA

Bio: Brent Klingforth

Technical Marketing Engineer

Brent Klingforth currently works for Siemens Digital Industries Software as a Technical Marketing Engineer specializing in Schematic, PCB, and Manufacturing products with 25+ years experience in PCB design and is IPC certified. Prior to Mentor he was an Application Engineer for a NA Mentor re-seller supporting all of Mentor's Electrical engineering tools and HP as an R&D technician and PCB Designer.

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