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Enhancing battery cell production quality and cost efficiency at giga scale

Estimated Watching Time: 60 minutes


Boost battery manufacturing efficiency with Siemens' integrated MOM software. Scale production, optimize quality, and meet regulations confidently. Learn more in this webinar!

The battery market is booming, but staying ahead demands more than just production capacity. You need a scalable, data-driven approach that ensures quality, compliance, and sustainability.

Siemens' Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for batteries is your key to unlocking this competitive edge. Join our free webinar to learn how this comprehensive solution empowers you to rapidly scale up production while maintaining quality control and costs. Find out how to optimize your entire battery journey from research to market.

Hear from industry experts Dave Introcaso and Mattias Gustavsson as they provide insights into the challenges and opportunities in this dynamic market. Register now for the on-demand webinar and unlock your battery production potential!

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Dave Introcaso

Digital Manufacturing Industry Manager

Dave supports the implementation of digital manufacturing solutions across multiple industries. In a previous role, he served as an on-site consultant at an automotive OEM where he assisted with the global implementation of digital manufacturing methods and best practices. Prior to joining Siemens, Dave supervised and executed various process planning projects for an automotive tier-one supplier.


Mattias Gustavsson

Engagement Director, Digital Enterprise Sales

Mattias Gustavsson is globally responsible for Battery industry Digital Enterprise sales at Siemens. He works together with local sales teams and customers to identify solutions supporting customers reaching their business goals.

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