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Efficient production scale-up for battery manufacturing

Estimated Watching Time: 58 minutes


A battery manufacturing plant working efficiently to scale up production

How can you ensure you start your battery production on time while smoothly ramping up production rates with the support of one end-to-end provider?

Siemens offers a wide variety of solutions and services to enable your efficient battery production capacity ramp-up.

We offer a complete OT Network solution to support your ramp-up, including integrations to your shop floor and top floor, efficient workforce training solutions, commissioning support and logistics advisory. We offer modern solutions for data collection and asset management to help your operations run efficiently.

All solutions connect within the Siemens battery portfolio but also with external solutions via open industry standard interfaces.

Discover how Siemens can support you in accelerating your battery cell production ramp-up by exploring our comprehensive portfolio. Join our webinar with Siemens experts, Mattias Gustavsson and Daniel Frauenknecht.

Meet the speakers


Mattias Gustavsson

Engagement Director, Digital Enterprise Sales

Mattias Gustavsson is globally responsible for Battery industry Digital Enterprise sales at Siemens. He works together with local sales teams and customers to identify solutions supporting customers reaching their business goals.


Daniel Frauenknecht

Sales Campaign Manager, Batteries

Daniel Frauenknecht is responsible for global battery sales campaigns at Siemens. He is contact with sales teams around the world to provide Siemens solutions that address the most pressing challenges for customers within the battery industry.