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Learn how veloce proFPGA prototyping platform enables early firmware/software development

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Veloce proFPGA

Discover the key benefits of Veloce proFPGA prototyping solutions

The Veloce proFPGA prototype platform is a companion to the Veloce emulation and enterprise prototyping platforms. It makes compiling hardware designs for any of the Veloce platforms quick and easy by:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the firmware/software (FW/SW) development process
  • Enabling early prototyping that leads to earlier software design
  • Updating or translating modifications without difficulty when developing the hardware prototype

Facilitating efficient debugging and system adaptability

Watch this webinar to learn more how Veloce proFPGA prototyping platform leads to earlier firmware and software development.

Explore the importance of a solid and flexible operating system for the FPGA platform

Beyond the expandability and advanced debug, the capabilities of Veloce proFPGA are both solid and flexible.

Maximum flexibility and IP capacity are provided by this architectural design for in-circuit interconnections, as well as for modifying commercially available proFPGA daughter boards for PCIe Gen3/4/5 DDR4 memory, USB3, QSFP+, MIPI, HDMI, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, debug interfaces, or the user's application-specific extension boards.

The Veloce Prototype Software (VPS) is a solid solution that is a fully automated software that eliminates time-consuming activities to guarantee the correct functionalities of the fastest FPGA prototype solution, ensuring clock trees are correctly mapped, gated clocks are replicated correctly, timing risks are avoided, memories are automatically inferred and mapped, and timing restrictions are satisfied.

Key FPGA prototyping topics you will learn in this on-demand webinar

  • How pre-silicon FW and SW development is made possible by Veloce proFPGA prototype
  • How Veloce proFPGA’s best-in-class FW/SW verification differs from other conventional prototype platforms
  • Why a reliable and adaptable OS is crucial for the FPGA platform

About Siemens’ Veloce proFPGA prototyping solutions

Three different motherboard types, as well as peripheral memory and protocol interface boards, are available on the Veloce proFPGA platform. These motherboards make it simple to integrate various types of field-programmable gate array (FPGA) modules, giving Veloce proFPGA's the scalability, modularity, and flexibility to enable users to extend the verification scope of the prototype solution by integrating memory models and hardware interfaces on extension boards.

All proFPGA motherboards, FPGA modules, daughter cards, and accessories are compatible, and have the ability to attach 14 Veloce proFPGA Quad units to scale to over one billion ASIC gates. In addition, several FPGA input/output pins can be accessed via extension sites, giving the highest level of adaptability and IP capabilities for in-circuit connectivity and conventional proFPGA daughter board adaptations.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens EDA

Gabriele Pulini

Product Marketing Manager

Gabriele Pulini is a Product Marketing Manager in the Scalable Verification Solutions Division at Siemens EDA. He has more than 20 years of EDA experience, with 14 years specializing in hardware emulation.

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