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Latest innovations in vehicle NVH operational testing


Latest innovations in vehicle NVH operational testing

Test engineers around the world are continuously challenged to conduct vehicle NVH operational tests faster, and to deliver more insights on fewer prototypes. Automotive NVH operational testing is used at all stages of the development process: during benchmarking on proving grounds, detailed subsystems engineering and laboratory refinement on test benches and chassis dynos, as well as final in-field product validation and certification.

The key to success is to keep up with increasing demands by reducing the tests, and at the same time, get more out of each test by running them in a more intelligent redefined way. This is done by incorporating the standardization of NVH testing procedures combined with continuous innovation and built-in intelligence.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to capture high quality and reliable NVH data
  • How to combine different tasks with one solution: from interactive NVH troubleshooting towards the intelligent automated execution of repetitive measurement task
  • What processes and methodologies could bring more than 50% of testing efficiency
  • What insightful information could be acquired in addition to what you do today, without additional measurement efforts
  • How to derive hard-to-measure quantities by incorporating simulation models
  • How to get rid of large inefficiencies that come from repeating similar instrumentation multiple times by the unification of multiple testing procedures into a single automated test setup

In the automotive sector, end-of-line testing uses vibroacoustic measurements to accurately identify the properties of every produced component and determine if the product has any defect. Read this white paper to learn how to implement a 100% NVH-based quality inspection system and systematically improve overall product and manufacturing quality.