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Integrated E/E systems for vehicle electrification

End-to-end solutions to address vehicle electrification challenges

Estimated Watching Time: 46 minutes


An image of an electric vehicle fast charging in a city, an example of vehicle electrification.

Automakers today face multiple challenges in their electric vehicle development, such as designing attractive cars that customers desire, production at scale to maintain profitability, keeping their operations running, and investing in those operations to maintain competitiveness.

In this on-demand webinar, speakers Migo Richter, Market Development Director – Siemens EDA, and Doug Burcicki, Global Director Automotive & Transportation – Integrated Electrical Systems, will discuss the end-to-end solutions that enable reliable decisions when developing new E/E architecture designs. Other topics in this webinar include:

  • Challenges from development teams working in silos
  • Cyber security
  • Functional safety
  • Increased complexity and traceability
  • Speed to market

Minimize Cost, Weight, and Carbon Footprint with Vehicle Electrification

Today’s E/E architectures are being replaced by software functions implemented on powerful central computing platforms connected to zone controllers managing actuators and sensors, changing the relationship between Tier 1 and the OEMs, who must take responsibility for vehicle safety and the performance of those software functions. Siemens integrated E/E systems development solution helps automotive manufacturers realize their ambitions for vehicle electrification and software-defined vehicles by sustainably connecting features, hardware, and software within electrified vehicles to minimize costs, weight, and carbon footprint.

Ensure Speed to Market and Maintain Quality in Vehicle Electrification

The market revolution towards a software-defined vehicle challenges the speed-to-market for new automotive manufacturers. Vehicle electrification development must accelerate to stay competitive in a global market despite increasing complexity and configuration challenges. Siemens integrated E/E systems development solution for vehicle electrification connects end-to-end engineering using model-based E/E systems development and software implementation. With a full flow to architect, design, manufacture, and service electrical, network and software systems for all product configurations, engineers can work faster and maintain quality while keeping up with the heightened demand for vehicle electrification innovation.

Use Integrated E/E Systems to Ensure Multi-Domain Traceability

The objective of an integrated E/E systems solution for vehicle electrification is to supply a certified vehicle, one on which you can provide evidence that functional safety and security requirements have been met. Siemens model-based systems engineering (MBSE) approach utilizes product lifecycle management (PLM) and application lifecycle management (ALM), underpinning integrated E/E system development to ensure digital continuity and multi-domain traceability, safety, and security requirements. With the increasing development of autonomous drive, this will be a mandatory step for OEMs to take as they assume that responsibility in the future.

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