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Engineering superior AV sensor performance using simulation


Engineering superior AV sensor performance using simulation

Autonomous vehicles will not get to the next steps in terms of public adoption with strict guarantees on safety. One of the key enablers of safety – and thus commercially-viable autonomous vehicles - is the capability to deliver reliable 360 degrees, high quality sensing through a variety of sensors. Designing sensors that fit requirements for size, visual aspects, cost and power consumption without sacrificing on range and resolution is one thing. But a key and critical point lies in validating sensors performance and durability when integrated on the vehicle, in all-weather conditions and in any driving scenario. This cannot be possibly achieved by only real-world testing. The use of simulation for massive validation and verification is unavoidable, but requires the appropriate tools and methodologies to be implemented at both sensors vendors and OEMs.

In this webinar, our experts will introduce the tools and methodologies portfolio relevant to sensors engineering:

  • How to engineer multi-physics sensor performance and validate multi-attribute requirements, at sensor (ranging from radar, lidar, ultrasonic and camera) and at vehicle level,
  • How to deploy massive virtual validation and verification of sensors ecosystem performance during integration for any number of traffic and test scenarios.