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Gain a better understanding of automotive E/E systems development

The future of automotive E/E systems development

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Image of a high performance vehicle with a complex E/E system.

A vast percentage of innovation in the automotive industry involves electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. It is the engine by which automotive OEMs are facilitating a competitive, profitable future by enabling new business models and opening the doors to new customers and partnerships.

Unlike most of our webinars, we will not be covering technical or product-related topics. Instead, we respond to questions about automotive E/E systems development and the interdependencies of the various domains that comprise the vehicles of E/E architecture. The focus is on people, not technology, as their application of technology and ability to solve problems will create new opportunities and successful results for automotive businesses. Watch the webinar to learn more.

Realize how product development is changing for E/E Systems

The automotive industry is undoubtedly going through more turbulent changes than other industries. Failure is not an option. The way products have been developed up to this point will no longer suffice.

  • OEMs must be able to break down the silos in their product development organizations and up their game with extensive collaboration. They need to collaborate and coordinate in real-time as they move forward.
  • Where possible, automation should be leveraged, removing the chance of human error.
  • Data reuse is essential. A tremendous amount of data is collected, analyzed, and acted upon for multiple subsystems simultaneously on the same hardware in many cases during production.

Learn how E/E systems play into the enablement of new automotive business models

Today’s automotive market consists of many consumers with different priorities, such as safety features and increased infotainment. Some consumers may just want a good-looking vehicle and to enjoy the driving experience. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers must develop a new approach to their business to drive innovation, customer excitement, and differentiation in a rapidly evolving market.

Watch the webinar to hear the recommendations on processes automotive OEMs and suppliers can adopt to solve today’s issues and create new opportunities.

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Doug Burcicki

Global Director Automotive & Transportation – Integrated Electrical Systems

Doug Burcicki is the Sr. Director of the Integrated Electrical Systems Global Automotive team at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Before Siemens, Doug was Director, Advanced Business Development at Yazaki, a globally focused role in which he was responsible for identifying Product and Technology trends resultant from Market, Regulatory and Economic indicators. He established a global process for prioritization of R&D projects, resources, and investment instead of disparate regional strategies and built the business case to enable and support new portfolio development. Before this, Doug was Vice President of the Yazaki General Motors BU, responsible for global P&L, sales strategy, and overall customer relationship, driving significant success at the account. Doug holds a Masters in Automotive Engineering from Lawrence Technological University, MAE, and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Wayne State University, BSEE.

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