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Topology Optimization for Designers

Realizing topology optimization benefits in simulation-driven product design

January 25, 2023, 04:00 PM UTC


Person looking at a CAD model on a desktop computer.

Are you interested in topology optimization advantages? Whether you are experienced with simulation, are just beginning to adopt it, or have never used structural analysis tools, you are invited to attend this webinar for introductory guidance on leveraging topology optimization to improve product design. There will be a demonstration shown illustrating an engineer working directly in the CAD-based simulation environment.

When to use topology optimization in CAD

The value of topology optimization software is in enabling engineers to develop novel optimized part geometry automatically to improve product performance, minimize weight and reduce costs of materials, or simplify manufacture. These benefits are possible to achieve in less time. Typical tasks encompass:

  • Structural optimization for strength
  • Minimized use of material for lightweight, low-cost designs
  • Lower part counts for assemblies

How to use topology optimization

With the cost of additive manufacturing and certain other manufacturing technologies continuing to reduce over time, there is more opportunity to realize the value of topology optimization. Attend this webinar to learn about the latest developments that make topology optimization more accessible, easier to use, and faster for designers and design engineers. A simulation-driven design example is covered where a road bike frame is optimized for strength and weight.

Webinar agenda

Topology optimization – webinar agenda:

  • Removing barriers to the broader use of topology optimization
  • Example: Optimizing a bicycle frame to meet strength requirements vs. lightweight design goals
  • Methods for determining load cases, e.g., considering rider mass and motion simulation studies
  • How to set up a topology optimization study
  • Define constraints and loads, set goals, to review results
  • Further opportunities for improving design performance and cost reduction

Meet the speakers

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Efthymios Papoutsis

Technical Product Manager, Topology Optimization

Efthymios Papoutsis is a Product Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software, responsible for Generative Engineering and Topology Optimization solution capabilities. During his time as a doctoral researcher, he focused on the industrialization of shape and topology optimization in the automotive industry and has worked as a simulation specialist in the automotive technology production sector.

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