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Enhancing Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Workflow of Electronic Devices


Enhancing Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Workflow of Electronic Devices

The reliability of electronic devices has generally focused on temperature as a key measurable indicator. Further inspection indicates that it is a combination of thermo-mechanical effects, such as cracking of solder joints, that causes electronics reliability issues. To fully assess thermo-mechanical stresses requires a robust FEA thermo-mechanical analysis that draws on accurate 3D temperature data for thermal loads and a correct representation of mechanical behavior. This presentation focuses on the workflow to generate accurate thermo-mechanical stress results based on a transient 3D temperature field data in CFD software and seamlessly mapped to an FEA model

Please attend this webinar to learn about streamlining use of FEA analysis for thermal and thermomechanical stress analysis. This webinar focuses on workflow to generate 3D accurate transient 3D temperature field data in CFD software and seamlessly mapping that to an FEA mesh for thermomechanical stress simulation

What you will learn

  • Create a detailed electronic cooling CFD model using MCAD and ECAD data
  • Generate a 3D, CAD-based, detailed package thermal model quickly
  • Incorporate ECAD data for a multilayer PCB and component mount consideration
  • Evaluate component junction temperatures and PCB trace temperatures + understanding airflow
  • Export 3D transient temperature field results from CFD and mapping to an FEA mesh easily
  • Perform thermomechanical stress analysis of solder joints and identifying areas of design improvement
  • Assess transient temperature, stress, and strain results

Who should attend

  • Engineers
  • Engineering directors and managers
  • Research & Development engineers & scientists
  • Simulation engineers & Specialists

Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Jean-Luc Emery

Simcenter 3D Business Development Manager

Jean-Luc Emery is a business development manager supporting businesses in their digital transformation journey. His primary expertise is Simcenter 3D, a virtual simulation solution that helps businesses understand how real-world factory conditions will impact their machines. Prior to Siemens, Jean-Luc worked for ETH Zurich and EIA-FR.