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Characterization of emerging semiconductor technologies


Characterization of emerging semiconductor technologies

Electrical and functional safety is a key success factor in electromobility. Comprehensive testing, especially on power electronic components, is a prerequisite for this.

This webinar focuses on assessing the thermal performance and reliability of state-of-the-art and emerging compound semiconductor-based power electronic devices.

Harsh environments such as different climatic conditions and large temperature cycles with heavy currents require high-reliability standards towards vehicle power electronics. At the same time, power electronics have to be battery power preserving, low loss, low cost, and highly available.

With JEDEC51 and AQG324 standards, the industry created thermal and reliability testing metrics suitable to accurately measure, predict and prolong the lifetime of power electronics. However, as the new compound power semiconductors leap forward, thermal transient measurement techniques and metrics need to progress to maintain their high value for reliability and quality assessment.

In this webinar, we will address Si and SiC-based power electronic thermal transient measurement and reliability testing. Furthermore, we will give you an outlook on challenges to thermally characterize minimum loss GaN devices and how you can tackle them today.

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Antonio Caruso

Business Developer

Siemens Digital Industries Software

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