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Simulation for nuclear power generation

Use power plant performance software to engineer pebble bed reactors.

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Nuclear power plant on sunny day

Nuclear power is today’s only grid-scale source of continuous, carbon-free electricity, and the industry is uniquely-suited to deliver affordable, sustainable energy. However, large conventional nuclear power plants typically take 10 to 15 years to develop, while safety and regulatory concerns have limited new industry investments.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how X-energy, a nuclear reactor and fuel design engineering company, uses Advanced Engineering Simulation to optimize nuclear power generation using graphite fuel and a pebble bed reactor design. The company’s reactors offer increased safety and dramatically shorten development timelines to only two to three years.

Optimizing nuclear reactor engineering with simulation software

Testing nuclear physics and entire power plants is extremely difficult in the real world. By relying on a comprehensive simulation environment, companies such as X-energy can optimize nuclear reactor engineering performance while better understanding system behavior and component design margins. Register for the webinar to learn how insights from simulation help reduce system costs and even eliminate entire systems without compromising safety.

How nuclear reactor design can be improved with realistic simulation

Whether you want to improve a nuclear reactor design or reduce failures, simulation enables efficient evaluations of core operation and next-generation reactor technologies. Companies can also reduce testing costs and study fully-detailed representations of transient thermal and mechanical loads during operation in normal and off-normal conditions. With fast decarbonization becoming increasingly critical, discover how simulation can take nuclear power plant performance and compliance to the next level.

How pebble bed reactor safety can be tested and analyzed by simulation software

Using simulation software, X-energy tests and analyzes pebble bed reactor safety. It also developed user coding to model changes in material properties as a function of temperature, dose and irradiation. Using the discrete element method (DEM), the company models the flow of pebbles through the core, enabling bounding of maximum pebble residence time for burnup calculations. Watch the webinar to learn how your company can use simulation to produce cost-effective nuclear power plants without compromising safety!

Meet the speakers

Xe-100 Commercial Reactor Development

Dr. Martin van Staden

Vice President Design / Xe-100 Program Manager

POWER Magazine

Aaron Larson

Executive Editor, Moderator

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