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The next level of embedded software development


The next level of embedded software development

With the rapid expansion of complex technology into everyday life, the importance of software is growing exponentially. This complimentary webinar presented by Siemens PLM Software will show how embedded software development can evolve successfully through a unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) -- to be unlike your development experience before.

It will be exposed how real-time collaboration and comprehensive end-to-end traceability from requirements to code and testing will help your team manage and resolve the most complex systems within multiple product variants. Moreover, it’ll be demonstrated how modern development methodologies like Agile can be applied, and compliance with industry standards and regulations can be met effectively, for instance, ISO, IEC, FDA, FAA and many more.

Learn how Siemens PLM Software can help you developing top-level software with the industry's highest efficiency and ROI.


Meet the speaker

Siemens PLM Software

James Voller

Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant

He has a Support, Training and Consulting background working with various businesses worldwide. His more recent position was working in the ALM sector delivering Training and Consultation services. He has an extensive knowledge of Agile Methodologies, and how they are implemented within organizations.