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The importance of stackup planning in Signal Integrity

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PCB stackup design

Your stackup is the foundation upon which your entire PCB design is built, but often little thought is placed upon its design. When a fabricator designs and produces a stackup, they focus its production on the materials, technologies and experiences they have available, sometimes without consideration of your overall signal integrity. In this 30 minute webinar, we will explore how stackup design fits into the current workflow, and how the stakeholders involved; Electrical Engineers; Materials Engineers; PCB Designers; SI Engineers; and NPI Engineers use and interact with that design. You will learn how to: Identify external factors that cause loss within a stackup design Build a robust stackup quickly Select and compare dielectric materials from multiple vendors We will talk about best practices for stackup design and show how these have been streamlined and incorporated into Z-planner Enterprise.

Meet the speaker


Don Kost

Technical Marketing Engineer

Don Kost joined Siemens in 2019 as a Technical Marketing Engineer. In his current role, Mr. Kost works as a liaison between Siemens AE's and Siemens customers to support, educate and improve their experience with the Valor NPI tools. Mr. Kost has had a long standing career in the PCB industry and offers extensive experience in the design and delivery of high speed rigid and flex printed circuit boards as well CAD tool administration and has more than 30 years of Design for Manufacturing experience.. Mr. Kost began his career in the PCB industry at IBM as a Design Engineer after attending Villanova University and has also held positions as a Level 4 PCB Designer and CAD tools Administrator for L3Harris and Radisys.

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