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Shining the Spotlight on the "E" in STEM with Siemens Hour of Engineering

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Anyone can be an engineer! The time has come to shine the spotlight on the “E” in STEM.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) have been a trend in education and global workforce development concerns for more than 40 years. From computer science advocacy, the maker space movement to career and technical education programs, STEM has been firmly embedded. In this session, the engineering aspect of STEM receives further exploration. With the Hour of Engineering from Siemens, one of the larger STEM employers worldwide, the "E" in STEM has a place to shine.

Watch this video to explore why engineering is essential and how it can be used to provide a foundation for purposeful, fun and rigorous learning. Identify ways to connect online learning with hands-on offline activities accessible to all learners.

Find out about excellent methods for assessing individual and group activities. Then, you can experience activities for yourself and develop an implementation strategy for your learning environment. Whether you are new to STEM or a seasoned educator, Hour of Engineering will help you provide activities with a purpose that prepares your students to think and act like engineers.

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Meet the speaker

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Elizabeth Simpson

Director of STEM programs

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