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The digital transformation’s impact on industrial machinery

Industrial machinery companies are creating better products and lowering costs using digital solutions

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An engineer uses digital solutions on a tablet to improve the operation of a robotic arm industrial machine.

More industrial machinery companies are realizing how software solutions can help them improve business processes and create better products.

It’s called the digital transformation, and it’s one of the largest investments industrial machinery companies are making, according to a recent Industry Week survey.

Industrial machinery companies need to be strategic in how they invest in their business today so that they can succeed in the future.

This webinar asks experts from Industry Week and Siemens Digital Industries Software to discuss the challenges the industrial machinery industry is facing and how different software solutions can help companies succeed.

How digitalization changes the future of industrial machinery

The industrial machinery industry’s digital transformation has only accelerated in recent years.

Companies see clear benefits, including competitive advantage, improved product quality, and increased production agility.

Some of the most popular digital solutions getting implemented today include CAD, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and modeling and simulation software.

On top of this, SaaS solutions and cloud computing have made these capabilities more accessible to companies of all sizes.

Meet the speakers


Brent Robertson


Brent works with leaders to create high-performance, purpose-driven teams and organizations. As co-founder of Fathom, he champions an approach to executive coaching, strategic planning, leadership development, succession, and transformation that prioritizes people and relationships. As a result, his clients don’t simply plan their futures, they bring them to life through the energy of organization-wide involvement in, and commitment to, generating organizations that perform beyond what their history, or their industry says is possible.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Rahul Garg

Vice President of Industrial Machinery

Rahul Garg joined Siemens more than two decades ago. In that time, he’s held multiple positions, but his primary objective has always been the same – help his customers succeed by delivering powerful, effective solutions that support their business goals. As Vice President of Industrial Machinery, Rahul delivers Siemens Industrial Machinery software solutions to help manufacturers develop competitive products, fill portfolio gaps, and create effective go-to-market strategies and business practices.

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Giulio Camauli

Director Industrial Machinery Industry Solutions

Giulio Camauli joined Siemens in 1991, working in many roles ranging from Application Engineer to Customer Services Manager and his current role as the Director of Industrial Machinery Industry Solutions. Giulio continues to help industrial machinery customers innovate and improve product reliability, quality, productivity and more using simulation software solutions. He has helped countless customers from around the world learn new engineering processes that incorporate simulation into the design process.

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