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Technical Publishing for Service empowers service technicians with the right information


Technical Publishing for Service empowers service technicians with the right information

Why is technical publishing for service so important? Increasing pressure for manufacturers on after-sales services – including globalization of service, product complexity, performance based service contracts, and IoT - require intelligent technical information on products and procedures which must be accurate, interconnected, intuitive, and immediately accessible.

Join us for this seminar and see how your service technicians and your company will benefit from service lifecycle management with integrated technical publishing capabilities.

Technical Publishing for Service

Common challenges faced by many organizations who have technical publishing needs include:

  • Increased authoring and update times, while product cycle times are shortened
  • Delays in communicating engineering changes
  • Ineffective documentation with disconnects between the text, 3D & 2D geometry
  • Redundant effort in creating multiple output formats like PDF, HTML, HTML5, and AR

Enabling easy access to the right engineering, manufacturing, and service data, leveraging service lifecycle management capabilities, will help your technical publishing team address these challenges, and provide the right materials to your service technicians to improve service outcomes. This starts with implementing an integrated Service Bill-of-Materials (SBOM), directly linking to the Engineering BOM (EBOM) and other process and product information.

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management and Technical Publishing

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management helps you maximize your service knowledge and asset value with one source of service engineering information. Your service technicians get the right information, at the right time, to perform service activities efficiently, while improving first-time-fix rates. They get visibility into current physical asset configurations, and with integrated technical publishing, you can ensure that your technical documentation is accurate, intuitive, and readily available.