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Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) helps you improve serviceability with an integrated service BOM (SBOM)


Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) helps you improve serviceability with an integrated service BOM (SBOM)

The Service BOM (SBOM), or service bill of materials, is a managed view of an asset’s parts that are serviceable or have an impact on service. Catch this virtual seminar to learn about advantages of effectively managing the SBOM – to contextualize PLM for better serviceability.

In this session, you’ll learn how Service Lifecycle Management in Teamcenter helps you tightly couple the service BOM to a physical BOM, leading to accurate visibility of the physical asset configuration throughout its life. This visibility is critical to effectively orchestrating service and support of products in the field during their operational life. It’s also critical to improvements in first-time-fix rates, product quality, and safety.

What are the benefits of Service Lifecycle Management?

Effective Service Lifecycle Management solutions should support an integrated service BOM, and support an open ecosystem of OEM, customer, and third-party applications and solutions that can work together to deliver quality service of managed physical assets.

With a modern SLM solution, you can provide feedback to engineering to improve product designs for serviceability and reliability. You can communicate and coordinate operational activities for greater compliance, faster service, and lower costs.

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management Helps You Optimize Physical Asset Performance

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management helps you maximize your service knowledge and asset value with one source of service engineering information. Your service technicians can perform service activities with a full understanding of physical product (asset) configurations, including as-built bill of materials records, status, and service history. You gain access to all the appropriate information necessary to manage your service operations more effectively.

Create More Effective Service Plans with Teamcenter SLM

Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management helps you create effective service plans for more profitable service operations. You can drive service operations by providing all the detailed information that teams need to track and understand your physical asset health. You can provide your service technicians with a complete understanding of service needs so they are prepared to perform reactive, proactive, and upgrade service activities.

Improve Service Operations with IBM Maximo Integration

Track maintenance details from your fielded assets through integration with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software. This closed-loop integration between service engineering and service execution domains will provide visibility of asset configurations to service technicians, and feedback from service activities to design engineers, to help you lower maintenance costs, reduce risks, and improve asset resiliency.