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Drive industrial productivity with the Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app

Design and deliver better products faster

Estimated Watching Time: 49 minutes


Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app empowers mobile workers

For many Teamcenter users, the mobile nature of their jobs means they spend most of their time away from a computer. The Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app connects mobile workers to the enterprise, providing easy access and greater collaboration throughout the product lifecycle. Watch this on-demand webinar, and you will see how to:

  • Access Teamcenter in a new, easy way
  • Capture problems easily with the help of Azure OpenAI
  • Stay up to date with what is happening with your product
  • Keep product development processes moving
  • More efficiently connect the people who are discovering problems to the people who can fix the problems

Empower workers with preconfigured industrial machinery solutions

Between fluctuating customer requirements, increased product complexity and innovative market players unencumbered by newer technology, today’s industrial machinery landscape is more challenging than ever. To overcome these obstacles, preconfigured industry solutions and digital applications that comprehensively manage the product lifecycle are a necessity. Discover all the possibilities by trying our PLM for machine builders solution trial or our PLM for component manufacturers solution trial.

Accelerate knowledge-sharing with AI

Connect frontline workers at any time, from anywhere, in any language, with multi-lingual support tools. Powered by Azure OpenAI, the Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app uses a natural language-first interface, letting frontline workers collaborate in their native language – all made possible with a mobile-responsive user experience that accommodates any work environment.

See it all for yourself when you watch this on-demand webinar.

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