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Advanced Machine Engineering: multi-domain BOM management and product list management


Advanced Machine Engineering: multi-domain BOM management and product list management

One of the most important ingredients of a holistic digital manufacturing approach is a multi-domain BOM Management strategy. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with this essential requirement. According to a survey, 80% of BOMs contain errors, 40% of BOMs have part errors, inconsistent content, invalid supplier data or missing information, and 8% of BOMs contain obsolete parts.

To avoid expensive changes in the existing machine or a prototype, you need a complete digital twin of the machine, and a complete digital Bill of Materials. This requires a close Cross-Domain Bill of Materials Management (BOM) management collaboration between the mechanical (MCAD), electronical and electrical (ECAD) as well as software teams of your company and of your customers.

What is a manufacturing bill of materials (BOM)?

What is a manufacturing bill of materials and why is it so important? Normally, to building a machine, there is a configured-to-order process of menu selection for different components and subcomponents, and assemblies that you choose, based on a set of criteria per the customer’s requirements. The bill-of-materials is a compilation of different sub-assemblies working together with its partner It gives manufacturers greater flexibility to respond to customer demands for customization, as most modern machine companies strive for configured-to-order.

In this webinar you will learn the benefits of managing a multi-disciplinary BOM

Industrial machinery in manufacturing is continuing to witness unparalleled developments in state-of-the-art technologies. It is an inspiring effort to manage a multi-disciplinary BOM to design, validate and manage modern manufacturing and assembly operations for achieving superior value while optimizing costs. But there are immense benefits to doing so including:

  • The ability to share a complete product understanding
  • Manage multi-domain engineering, manufacturing and process BOM’s
  • Allows you to connect with other enterprise applications
  • Optimize product configurations and variability

Smart BOM Management with Advanced Machine Engineering

To attain a cohesive balance for both design and assembly, a level of competence planning is essential to all engineering disciplines to spur greater agility. Accordingly, it’s important to identify or remove the mechanical and electrical issues -- categorizing these individually within the bills of material, due to their complexity. Bill of Materials (BOM) Management allows you to integrate the mechanical, electrical and software solutions in the bills of material, including capabilities, features, functionality, and components. It represents the entire machine and not merely the different disciplines.

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