On-Demand Webinar

Marine structural analysis: Combining simulation and testing data for a true digital twin

Ensure accurate and valid structural analysis simulations


Structural analysis of a virtual vessel enables prediction of real-world performance

The age of digital ship design is here. Structural analysis simulations of a virtual vessel enable us to predict performance attributes such as durability, acoustic performance and structural behavior under realistic operating conditions. But how can you ensure the virtual model is an accurate representation of a real-world vessel? Hear from industry experts in this on-demand webinar.

Modeling and simulation software for marine structures

In this webinar you will learn how utilizing modeling and simulation software to combine test data with structural simulation creates a validated, reliable and accurate digital twin. Doing this can then help predict structural integrity of a vessel.

Accurate structural integrity

Watch the webinar for information on how to ensure the structure integrity of a vessel. Topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • How structural analysis can be applied to marine design, at both component and full ship structure
  • How to ensure a reliable starting model via test data
  • How to overcome practical limitations during physical ship tests

Utilizing structural simulation software

Structural simulation software is key to creating a comprehensive digital twin and allowing engineers and naval architects to predict vessel performance. Watch the webinar now to learn more from our experts!

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