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Strength and durability strategies for lighter, stronger and more durable vehicles


Strength and durability strategies for lighter, stronger and more durable vehicles

Innovative strength and durability departments know what it takes to remain competitive to develop strategies for lighter, stronger, and more durable vehicles. But how do you set realistic durability targets to account for geographic differences? What is the impact of new or lightweight materials? How do you efficiently move towards more virtual prototyping to validate strength and durability performance?

During this webinar, we explain how to develop strength and durability strategies at all design stages. Our solutions cover the entire development cycle, from road load data acquisition, analysis, and data mining, load prediction, stress and fatigue analysis, up to balancing weight, and strength and durability.

Unlock your strength and durability potential and

  • Ensure reliable vehicles with long-term quality and high mileage
  • Account for geographical differences and ensure market growth
  • Respond to the overall quest to lightweight designs and electrification
  • Embed durability engineering as an integral part in the development and deal effortlessly with the complexity of vehicle architectures and design variants

By combining physical testing, CAE simulation and engineering services, our solutions offer an end-to-end durability engineering approach, accelerate your time to market, and meticulously balance weight, strength and durability.

This webinar is designed for durability, strength, chassis, body and vehicle integration departments. It targets test and 3D CAE user communities, from experts to analysts, who endeavor to avoid vehicle recalls and meet customer’s expectations.